The answer to finding more fairways

Andrew George

29 November 2021

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So, let’s start with the first point of coaching: Playing better golf. Having a PGA professional on hand is a good start, but what we pride ourselves on most is understanding you and your game so that we can guide you in the best way possible. We’ll have a chat, check out your swing and help you develop in whichever area you want to focus on.

It can lay the foundations for a better quality of golf going forward…

Neil Tappin

Now we come to the other part of coaching: Having fun! If you’ve not had a lesson before, think of it this way: you’re going to be hitting some balls and talking about it with an expert. Ok, it’s not exactly walking around The Open with Padraig Harrington, but since that looks pretty unlikely we’d say this is a fantastic alternative. Plus, you’ll be walking away knowing you can play better golf so you’ll enjoy that next round much more.

VIDEO | Finding your ideal driver

With our coaching, your game can improve more than you could’ve imagined. However, as you improve, don’t forget to take the right clubs along with you. If you’re standing on the tee with your driver wanting to hit it 20 yards further than last year AND keep it on the fairway, you better have a driver that can keep up.

Wilson Staff’s D9 driver is the perfect way to do that. The unique face is split into fractal zones to ensure maximum distance and forgiveness no matter how you hit it. We can fit you with a set-up that will get the most out of your game and unlock those newfound abilities. Better driver, better drives and better golf!

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